Committee Members

Committee members that parents may come in contact with are pictured below, along with their respnosibilties.  
Please feel free to reach out to them at the email addresses listed with any questions.
  1. Jenna Egan
    Mackin Dinner Dance Committee Chairperson
  2. Gregory Czerwienski
    Eagle Board of Review
  3. Joe Czapla
    Indoor Activities Coordinator
  4. Fred Creswick
    Counsel Representative Eagle Board of Review
  5. Joe Porcelli
    Advancement Coordinator
  6. Hazel Issacson
    Trading Post
  7. Ken Issacson
  8. Karen Weeks
    Troop Liaison with Outside Organizations
  9. Jay Canella
    Troop 25 Committee Chairperson
  1. Kevin Ryan
    Indoor Activities Coordinator
  2. John Huhn
    Training Coordinator
  3. Nancy Chiaravalloti
    Webmaster; Fundraising [email protected]
  4. Matthew Wilson
  5. Patti Sielski
  6. Susie Cipriano